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The Martin Bridge


The opening of the Martin Bridge across the Manning River at Taree in 1940 was a major event and opened a new era in Manning Valley history.

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Before The Bridge

Before the bridge the Pacific Highway, such as it was,  wound up through Gloucester, Krambach, across the Manning by punt at Tinonee, then through Taree.

# 1  -  Look no bridge! # 2  -  Tinonee Punt # 3  - Taree Punt

The Bridge Under Construction

In 1936, tenders were called for the building of a bridge over 
the Manning at Taree to cost £60 000 (the final cost was 
 £97 000 or $194 000 - but 1940 value).
  -  it had to have a carriageway above any possible flood level
  -  it had to have a span which could be elevated to allow shipping 
      to pass under it.

Construction began in early 1938 and took two years.

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# 10

The Opening of the Bridge

May 18, 1940

The official party at the opening of the bridge.

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# 12
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The bridge was opened by the Premier of NSW, 
Mr. Alexander Mair



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# 13
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The Official party can be seen on the lifting span, slightly elevated

# 14

During the Opening Ceremony the lifting span was elevated and the droger passed under the bridge.

# 15
After the official opening a large crowd crossed the bridge.


Were you there?


# 16
Here are four sections from the crowd? Recognize anyone?
# 16-A
# 16-B # 16-C # 16-D

After The Bridge

The punts ceased operating.

In 1952 the Pacific Highway was re-routed from 
from  Hexham - Stroud - Gloucester - Krambach - Taree 
to   Hexham - Stroud - Buladelah - Nabiac - Taree

In 1963 the Pacific Highway was again re-routed: 
Hexham - Karuah - Buladelah - Nabiac - Taree

In 1997 Taree was by-passed by a dual carriage expressway
with bridges onto and off Dumaresque Island.


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